For Job Applicants:

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KCESC Forms page

Many of the forms that are required both for KCESC employees and parents can be found here. Forms tend to change format year to year, so be sure that the form you are using is the latest revision.

  • Policy Guide 2010-11
  • Forms for Teachers/Staff:
  • Vacation Voucher
  • Attendance Calendar for Secretaries
  • Attendance Calendar for Supt and Consultants
  • Attendance Calendar for Teachers and Aides
  • Accident Incident Report
  • Direct Deposit
  • Evaluation form for Educational Aides
  • Evaluation form for Related Service Staff
  • Evaluation Summary
  • Evaluation form for Teachers
  • Field Trip Request
  • Fraud Form
  • Interim Report Card
  • Knox County ESC Grade Card
  • Knox Learning Center Grade Card
  • Mount Vernon Attendance Log
  • Performance Target Planning Form
  • Personal Leave Form
  • Post-Observation Interview Schedule
  • Pre-Observation Interview Schedule
  • Reimbursment - Pre-Approval
  • Reimbursment for Attendance At A Meeting
  • Request for Attendance at Workshop or Meeting
  • Requisition Form
  • Sick Leave - Absence Report
  • Social Work Referral
  • Staff Handbook(2010-2011) (PDF) (please right-click and "save-as" for easier viewing)
  • Time Sheet for Hourly Employees
  • Time Out Sheet for Alternative Center
  • Travel Claim Form
  • YES Concert Series Schedule for Principals
    Forms for Parents/Guardians:
  • All of the forms required for Preschool can be found in the Preschool forms area of the site.
  • Application Form for KCESC eClasses: KCESC eClass Student Application
  • Summer Institute Scholarship Application Form
    Other Documents:
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Information
  • Parapro Assessment Dates