The Learning Center is Designed to:

Serve as a positive alternative to suspension and expulsion from school.

Give students the necessary support services and basic education to help them to be successful once they return to their traditional educational program.

Reduce the number of students who drop out of school and increase the high school graduation rate.

Provide opportunities for students to receive counseling and support with personal and family difficulties.

The Learning Center Promotes...

Parental Involvement

Substance Abuse Screening

Behavior Modifications

Academic & Tutorial Assistance

Special Testing

Individualized Curriculum

Computerized Learning

Community Service

Interagency Referral Service

Last update: 4.21.09

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Learning Center

The Learning Center of Knox County is a collaborative effort of the school districts, the juvenile court system, and various human service agencies within the county. It is designed as an alternative method to provide education to students who encounter difficulty in a traditional classroom.

Students in grades 4-12 are accepted into the program. They are assigned by the juvenile court system or a school administrator. Attendance at the center is mandatory and students earn credit toward graduation or earn additional credits through our

If you have any questions regarding A.S.A.P. you can contact Lauren Downes, also at the Learning Center.